Life is a journey and I try to constantly learn and experience new things.

(that is my mindset since my childhood… this is 10-years-old me skydiving)

About me

Bringing value through applying human-centred design to technology while balancing user needs and business goals fascinates me! I design experiences for digital products and services. I have done UX/UI Design for mobile, desktop, wearables and virtual reality across the world. I have graduated from the Master’s course in Service Design at the Royal College of Art in London.

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My background

Hi, I am Agata. I was born in Warsaw, Poland and raised, as the oldest of three siblings, in a multicultural environment. My parents lived in China for many years and they speak fluent Mandarin so little was missing that I would be bilingual 😉

Self-awareness and a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle is important to me. In my free time I like to watch documentaries, experiment with cooking and play board games with friends. Since childhood, I have probably tried all sports that exist besides martial arts. I have a passion specially for team sports!

My skills

UX Design, Product Design, UX Research, Service Design, Visual Design, Interface Design, Strategic design, Prototyping, Concept development, Branding, Storytelling, Workshop facilitation, Agile working

I have skills to easily express my thinking and understanding of a problem both visually and textually, I effectively progress through the design process while staying realistic and emphasizing with people who will use a product/service I develop.

My design approach

My design approach is all about balancing creativity with analytical approach through constant iterations. I prefer to prototype early in the process, as I believe failing sooner leads to learning faster. Throughout, I try to collect data to inform my design decisions.

Furthermore, I drive my projects towards clearly defined goals (and if they are unclear, I am able to clarify them with stakeholders) while constantly validating the constraints of proposed solutions. I find myself working well both in a team or individually.