Healthtech and food retail innovation

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HealthTech, Food Retail


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Knowtrition is a preventive healthtech system designed for people who aim to maintain a well-balanced diet routine, in order to prevent potential chronic diseases in the future.

Our project has been awarded as a winning project in a Grand Challenge RCAxCERN competition (among 74 teams) and we have presented the idea in CERN in Geneva.

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The Grand Challenge competition is a collaboration between Royal College of Art students (74 teams, 374 students from across the School of Design) and CERN in Switzerland, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics – birthplace of the World Wide Web and the Large Hadron Collider. Together we were examining how innovative and disruptive technologies can help address the world’s most intractable challenges, by design. Our project topic was in Health and Wellbeing: “The changing model of delivery for healthcare, enabled by big data, AI and machine learning, as well as the contribution of technology to medical research.” We were working in a Double Diamond model, every week was a new phase: Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver.

My role: user interviews, user shadowing, user journey, user experience design, ideation, concept design, service design, visual identity design, stakeholder map design, design thinking, innovation design


Understanding the landscape

We started with conducting the research into the current state of healthcare market. Then, we wrote all important insights and trends that we have discovered and clustered them on the wall. The initial research resulted in the pictured below.

Potential of intervention

We concluded that the prediagnosis and prevention stages of disease developments are the most interesting to us, as they have the biggest impact.

The problem

More than 50% of the world lives with chronic diseases. 75% of all healthcare costs stem from preventable chronic diseases, such as diabetes.

Worldwide, the prevalence of Type II Diabetes is increasing rapidly. In 2015, 415 million adults globally had the condition and it is expected that prevalence will rise up to 642 million cases by 2040.


How might we prevent people who have urban lifestyle from Type II Diabetes and other chronic diseases?

A healthy, balanced diet is the most important factor to prevent Type II Diabetes and other chronic diseases. We identified food shopping as a decision making point. The selection of food products we buy in a supermarket determinates what we eat later at home.

Interviews and insights

We have done in depth interviews with various people based in London. We wanted to understand batter what are their food shopping habits and patterns.



Based on the user journey we have done after interviews we have start ideating. Crazy 8 was a great tool to get quickly some ideas. Later on we have developed some ideas further to see which one will be the best.


We build prototypes and test them in the field.

Project outcome

Knowtrition is a preventive healthtech system designed for people who aim to maintain a well-balanced diet routine, in order to avert potential chronic diseases in the future.

This consists of a scanner in a form of transformable bag made of bioplastic which is biodegradable; a skin patch that monitors nutrition data in the body and displays a real-time information of the food; and an app that calculates nutritional needs of the user based on food purchasing history and health data, as well as generating a personalised products suggestion.