Research & Innovation

How might we rethink growth models through insights to deliver tailored professional services to remain competitive in a platform economy?

Monday: Discover

Within the innovation landscape we raised questions like: How the needs of clients was changing in response to changes in technology and their customer behaviour? We conducted interviews with experts in the topic. We found attending events and talking to people there (“Digital Transformation Expo” and “Beta Business Maker’s Meet” hosted by Idean) also very insightful.

Tuesday: Define

During our ideation we broke down innovation into three phases: source, develop and deliver. We grouped the ideas that came out of the exercise. We dug deeper into the essence of the ideas and extracted the underlying ideas. It was a starting point for developing a service concept.

Wednesday: Develop

Looking at the underlying core of the ideas we developed and the research that we did, we came up with a service called – “Idea Cloud”.

Thursday: Validate

We tested the “Idea Cloud” at a workshop with ThoughtWorkers who provided positive and constructive feedback.

Friday: Sum up

Our learning from Sprint 1 are: Don’t over complicate a problem statement (the simpler the better), It’s difficult to develop one business function without the context of others (focus on the core but keep in mind the res), Divide into smaller groups and break each others’ ideas.