People Management

How might we align individual and organisational growth?

Monday: Discover

In our research phase for this sprint, we interviewed ThoughtWorkers, other experts and attended relevant talks and events (“Service Design Fringe Festival”). In particular, we tried to understand the building blocks of high performing teams, how we could create meaning at work and how we could build a culture around it. Moreover, we looked at motivations to work, skill building and how organisations engage their employees.

Tuesday: Define

We did a crazy eight exercise (everyone comes up with eight ideas in eight minutes) to get some ideas. We analysed the best ideas and created principles for our service. (((( THERE IS WORD “IDEA” 3 TIMES IN THESE 2 LINES!))))

Wednesday: Develop

ThoughtWorks is currently not harnessing the potential of its alumni network. This is why we decided to explore a partnership model of ex-ThoughtWorkers and design a new service for that – “Satellite ThoughtWorks”.

Thursday: Validation

We prepared a prototype of the “Satellity ThoughtWorks” idea and validated it with ThoughtWorkers. We got a valuable feedback and understood how many challenges there are, socially with the business model of that kind of solution.

Friday: Sum up

Our learning from sprint 2 are: Share research as you would like to give a lesson about that, Have a goal that you want to achieve at the end of a day, Put a cap on working hours, surprisingly you can usually make it on time, Using a framework for sharing opinions helps to express better filtered thoughts (structuring your thought cuts down unnecessary discussions).