Monday: Discover

We organised our research insights on the timeline: Before (working in ThoughtWorks), During (working in ThoughtWorks), After (working in ThoughWorks) to decide at which stage we want to intervene with our service proposition. We used different colours of post-its to distinguish insights specific for ThoughWorks from general about consulting; and these related to an organisation, from an employee, from a client.

Tuesday: Define

In this sprint, during the ideation, we wanted to try another approach than previously. This time, we wanted to develop less solutions but make them more detailed. We divided into two smaller groups and were  developing 2 different ideas. The aim was to forget about the solutions from the previous sprints.

Wednesday: Develop

We had long discussions about different models of a growth strategy for the organisation; by building internal capabilities or external partnerships. Finally, we prepared user scenarios for the validating session the next day. They are all based on real users, ThoughtWorkers from our interviews.

Thursday: Validate

We walked through user scenarios the Head go Growth in ThoughWorks to observe his reactions, learn more about constrains and validate initial ideas, but also see where are the most valuable opportunities for the project.