Workflow and content management platform

Work for: World Leading Asset Management company

Investment Banking


5 team members


Spectrum is a Marketing and Sales Workbench for the wholesale market, integrated with current capabilities of a new in-house platform called Spectrum. Spectrum pools together apps and tools in one dashboard.

Key features:

  • Integrated Client and Contact categorisation within dashboards
  • Integrated tailoring content capabilities
  • Exploiting Business Intelligence
  • Simpler and automated processes to align marketing and sales more effectively

Learn more how we got there


This project is a collaboration between a World Leading Asset Management company Marketing Team and the Royal College of Art and Design, looking at how to improve the current approach to Customer Relationship Management for the wholesale division across Europe. Our role was to understand the evolving needs across the B2B2C value chain and develop an innovative suite of services that deliver more personalised, responsive and relevant content at a strategic and transactional level. We collectively prioritised the B2B segments as the challenges of information provision were clearly evident in this context.

My role: research, understand the context and user needs, applying service design tools to improve the existing solution and propose a more valuable one, user experience design and user interface design (from digital platform concept design, low-fidelity wireframes to high-fidelity design), prepare user testing plan and a clickable prototype


Goals & Challenges

There is a growing business need for personalisation. The challenge is that our client – Asset Management company needs centralised and tailored content management system, so that Client Advisors can pick and choose the tailored content for their contacts. In order to achieve this, the company needs a segmentation model of their clients and contacts so that Marketing can prepare the tailored content ahead of time for the various types of contacts.

Current process flow

We have understood and visualised how the actual process flow looks like.


Spectrum is an in-house User Interface which is led by the Client Experience Team to streamline and automate the workflows in one centralised system for those in the Institutional Division.

Currently, Spectrum has not been designed for Marketing as well as the Wholesale Market but there is an opportunity to leverage the data and the centralisation of this new system for client profiling, and content personalisation.


How might we help the Asset Management company better understand and engage with their wholesale clients and contacts, so that they can provide relevant, insightful, proactive and responsive information?


Both, Sarah who represents Marketing department and John who represents Sales are based on real people working in that Asset Management company. It helped us to have real users in mind during the whole design process.


We took inspirations of the best softwares that organise, track, and manage tasks, simplify team-based work management. They all Trello, Asana and Jira have a board with an overview of all tasks with some key information and a more detailed view when you click task.

We also received inspiration from companies that have already started personalising content. This was to understand the feasibility of our tailoring content and weather we could find some interesting solutions to personalisation.


Interface brainstorming

Due to difficulties with gaining access to the existing version of Spectrum, we only had a couple of screenshots to guide our design. Moreover, all 5 of us in the team are UX/UI Designers with our own styles and ways of thinking.

We have decided to start with some brainstorming sessions, all of us were individually making few minutes sketches of the main dashboard. It helped us to discuss high-level design decision and have a starting point.

Concept development

After that, we discussed a digital platform structure, its pages hierarchy and content.

Low-fidelity design

Pages were divided between us and we started designing interfaces in low-fidelity. It was challenging to keep similar logic and functionality. We were regulary discussing the progress and iterating on our designs.

Wireframes user flow

At the same time, we were building a user flow map to design the user experience and see the big picture.

Visual design

We started to build a design system with a layout and components that will be consistent on all our interfaces design.

High-fidelity design

The customised Dashboards helps optimise their day-to-day activities for both Marketing and Sales. They no longer have to “feed the beast” as Spectrum pools together the various CRM systems and tools needed.

The integration of the Client and Contact categorisation proves collaboration so they can work more efficiently towards shared goals.

Integration of smarter data analytics and Business Intelligence helps Marketing and Sales in creating new client opportunities, both across sales and business development.

Information personalisation helps deliver relevant, insightful and responsive data information to respective clients.